What is Yeshivas Toras Chaim?

We teach the beauty of talmud Torah as well as the all-encompassing responsibilities of an eved Hashem. Our talmidim learn the skills necessary to delight in the Torah’s infinite depth. A hallmark of Yeshivas Toras Chaim is our significant commitment to inspire our talmidim to ahavas Hashem, yiras shomayim, meaningful tefila, mussar, and meticulous bein adam lechaveiro. We provide a warm and structured yeshiva and care for each talmid as an individual. Yeshivas Toras Chaim is where great young men become sterling Bnei Torah. Read more...


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Yeshiva Address

3407 Clarks Lane

Baltimore, MD 21215

General Inquiries


School Administration

Rabbi Szendro, Menahel

Email: cszendro@toraschaim.org

Cell: 443.226.1711

Rabbi Ayson Englander, S'gan Menahel

Email: aenglander@toraschaim.org

Cell: 410.598.5304

Mrs. Deborah Taffel, Administrator

Email: info@toraschaim.org

Phone (Excluding Summers and Holidays)


During the summer, please email all inquiries to info@toraschaim.org.