Our mesivta offers a classic curriculum with innovative inspiration.
  • Small student-faculty ratio
  • Remarkably upbeat atmosphere, where accomplishments are recognized and celebrated
  • Bein adam le’chaveiro is closely monitored and guided
  • A commitment to ongoing staff training and development

Limudei Kodesh

  • Emphasis on fostering skills critical for independent study in Gemara, Rishonim and Meforshim
  • We teach the standard yeshiva limudim with an additional focus on Chumash, Navi, Halacha, Biur Tefila, Mussar and Hashkafa
  • Our “Master the Mesechta” program incentivizes and encourages extra chazara and mastery of the gemara
  • A program that is crafted to prepare our talmidim to get into the yeshiva of their choice
  • Differentiated instruction that appreciates different learning styles

General Studies

  • A serious and engaging program that culminates with a diploma in accordance with the laws of the Maryland State Department of Education and prepares our students for future academic and professional goals
  • Exploration of Nifla’os Ha’borei through our broad science studies
  • Desire to build a valuable proficiency in oral and written communications
  • Focus on identifying Yad Hashem in our Emuna-building history lessons
  • A modern, blended math program utilizing a highly acclaimed computer system from McGraw Hill Education that encourages real skill building and allows students to work at many different levels
  • A personal finance and career planning curriculum that teaches budgeting and how to formulate appropriate financial goals and decisions
  • An impressive computer science program where students are taught programming & web development