Harnessing Technology

At Toras Chaim, we are committed to giving our talmidim every advantage by utilizing all effective tools and methodologies.

Blended Math Program

Our blended math program utilizes a highly acclaimed math assessment and practice program licensed from McGraw Hill Education. Students are regularly assessed, and the system generates practice problems that are appropriately challenging for their level. Combined with the expert instruction of our master teachers, we aim for mastery and skills over moving students from one unit to the next.


Every talmid has access to his own Chromebook which is carefully secured and monitored. Many talmidim use the Chromebooks for notetaking, making it easy and more exciting to take good notes and stay organized. The Chromebooks only allow access to the educational tools that we provide, such as the McGraw Hill math program, Quizlet, Google Docs and our online grading system.

Interactive Study and Review Tools

Using Quizlet, our students have access to fun and effective review tools and flashcard programs.

Write, Revise, Repeat

Our English teachers use Google Docs for real-time commenting and suggestions for writing assignments. This creates a smooth, interactive revision process – which is the most crucial step in developing writing skills.

Online Grading & Attendance System

As part of our commitment to working in partnership with the parents of our talmidim, the limudei kodesh and general studies staff uses a modern online grading and attendance system. This robust system allows parents and students to stay apprised of grades and attendance in real-time. It also helps the hanhala more rapidly identify patterns in the yeshiva as a whole, for specific classes and in an individual student’s progress.

Computer Science Skills

Computer Science skills are encouraged at Yeshivas Toras Chaim on a level that provides real preparation for a profession in IT. Many of the tools and programs utilized in our computer science program are also offered to other students for enrichment.