We live in a beautiful and vibrant world of yeshivos that continue the crucial work of Klal Yisroel's great institutions throughout the ages. Yeshivas Toras Chaim proudly shares their noble mission to engender a love of Torah learning within the next generation; we teach our talmidim to appreciate how that learning molds their minds, strengthens their moral compass, guides their lives, and serves as the foundation & spark for their relationship with Hashem. Talmidim learn the skills necessary to delight in the Torah's infinite depth and traverse its life-encompassing breadth.

Acquiring the skills to learn Torah She'baal Peh on a deep and meaningful level is as difficult as it is important. At Yeshivas Toras Chaim, we facilitate this crucial stage in a Ben Torah's development through individual attention and a focus on core gemara learning skills. Using techniques that he developed and were subsequently utilized by yeshivos around the country, Rabbi Ayson Englander, a reknowned and highly skilled mechanech, assures that our 9th graders have a strong footing in these skills.

There are many other skills and prerequisites necessary to achieve our goal of producing stellar Bnei Torah. Chazal enumerate a daunting 48 such requirements. This number is dwarfed only by the myriad challenges that await every aspiring Ben Torah, especially in today's world. Therefore, a hallmark ofYeshivas Toras Chaim is our significant commitment to inspire our talmidim to ahavas Hashemyirasshomayim, meaningful tefilamussar, and meticulous bein adam lechaveiro. We present these axioms not as out of reach, distant dreams, but as actual goals for now, for today. They are not mere platitudes, occasionally worthy of mention. They are not an abstract subject for intellectual discussions. They are taught with passion, put into practice, and infused into every day. Indeed, we look forward to growing with our talmidim.

The stakes and risks are too high for even the brightest and most motivated to attempt success without the full arsenal of defenses provided by chazal. From our sedarim to limudei chol and everything in between, every aspect of the day is guided by our mission, by chazal and by Gedolei Torah. Years ago, I asked Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky shlit"a if there was one thing in particular we should try to teach jewish children. He answered, "Bonim atem la'Hashem Elokeichem." They must know who they are and what they can become.

The efficacy of this most powerful tool can be gleaned from Yosef hatzadik's successful encounter with the yetzer hara and eishes potifar. Chazal explain that he emerged victorious only after seeing an image of his father, an image that bore a striking resemblance to himself. So, they are telling us that it was not just his father that he saw; he saw himself, his future self, his potential. This powerful image of who he could become gave him the strength to succeed. We encourage our talmidim to be dreamers like Yosef hatzadik and recognize their individual potential and their rightful place in Hashem's palace.

Another tool we provide our talmidim is from the baalei mussar who taught the importance of baby steps. This is not just practical advice to increase the likelihood of success; it is a matter of priorities. The little things actually carry more weight than their larger counterparts. It is primarily through the little successes, the ones that are easier to achieve, that we show our commitment to Hakodosh Baruch Hu.

At Yeshivas Toras Chaim, we take these important lessons and others like them very seriously. They are fully and regularly conveyed to our talmidim as we guide them to become strong Bnei Torah and future leaders of Klal Yisroel. This occurs during mussar vaadim, shmiras halashon, biur tefila, navi and is interwoven within our extra-curricular programs.

Our serious general studies program analyzes the niflaos haborei, exposes the awe-inspiring wisdom contained in the briah, improves our students' writing and command of the english language and prepares them for whatever role in Klal Yisroel they may assume as adults. Our talmidim are also taught during their general studies that middos tovos and derech eretz are not a part-time responsibility but are of equal importance at all times, in all places and in one's interactions with all people. The true masmid, the consistent Ben Torah, never forgets his lofty status. We believe that our diligence in this area will better prepare them for building a happier, healthier home.

In short, we teach the beauty of talmud Torah as well as the all-encompassing responsibilities of an eved Hashem. We provide a warm and structured yeshiva and care for each talmid as an individual. Toras Chaim is where great young men become sterling Bnei Torah.