Extracurricular Programs

At Toras Chaim we tend to the overall well-being of every student by catering to the academic, emotional, and physical health of each bochur. To this end, we built an exciting school-wide extracurricular program.  Our programs are designed to build character, camaraderie, leadership and promote physical fitness while complementing the mental acrobatics of learning in yeshiva.  The energy and excitement in our wholesome extracurricular programs provide an excellent outlet and forum to experience great group fun while building important life skills.

Video Production

Students enjoy learning creative skills while using professional software on our new Apple workstations: from graphic design to sound & video editing, storyboarding & script writing, production set design and acting. The yeshiva recruits experts in the industry to meet with each group of students to help guide their projects.

Scouting Program

In our outdoors program, talmidim have the amazing opportunity go hiking, camping, boating, learn wilderness survival skills and much more. It is the nexus of experiential learning, building life skills and extreme adventures.

Martial Arts Program

With the guidance of an expert instructor, students learn self-defense while developing physical fitness and focus.

Special Activities

Our calendar is infused with many exciting trips and activities such as shabbatons, camping trips, sports activities, ropes courses, canoe trips, Thursday night mishmar, Friday night onegs, melava malka programs, and team building & leadership development activities.

Individualized Growth Program

Together with each talmid, we identify an area where he is ready to grow. We track his progress and celebrate his success! Every talmid can earn substantial trips and rewards by meeting the individualized goals in his program. It may be learning an extra seder, working a little harder in a certain class, starting sh’nayim mikra, something in bein adam le’chaveiro, or anything else that he is ready for.

Our trained staff are experts in crafting individual, meaningful, quantifiable goals in Torah learning and character development. Goals are regularly adjusted through the joint input of the talmid and his rebbeim & teachers. Progress is shared in real-time with the talmid, his teachers and his parents.